A pipe nipple is a length of straight pipe with male threads on both ends. It is one of the most popular category of pipe fittings. It is a connector or a coupling threaded on both ends. Pipe nipples are used to allow plumbing to be connected to a water heater or other plumbing. They are used to fit straight end hose or pipe. A combination of pipe nipples is recommended for low-pressure discharge and suction service for various compatible liquids and not for compressible products like air, nitrogen or steam.

The working pressure of pipe nipples will vary with the size and construction of the pipe, the type and number of clamps used, clamp placement, proper installation of clamps, temperature and product being conveyed. Pipe nipples are available in the widest variety of wall thicknesses and materials in the industry.

Specification: A Pipe Nipple is a short pipe (12 inches or less), with small opening which provides way for the liquids or gases to pass through the pipe. It has a ale thread on each end and is used for extension form a fitting.
Applications : Used in fluid application to connect two fittings with each other. Used in plumbing system or for ceiling and wall supports and extensions. Used for ceiling or wall supports. Used to extend shower riser
Range: 15 NB to 300 NB
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